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By virtue of its wealth of experience, Roldo has taken on the role as contract supplier for various sector, ranging not only from shipbuilding to industrial, but also agricultural machinery and commissions.


We work closely alongside our customers from every aspect, but above all we do this in such a way their needs find a speedy and effective solution through us. We can carry out quick


We can make adjustment on short notice, produce small batches, and work under tight deadlines.


We believe that through our work it is more important to win a customer than win a sale, and therefore our philosophy is founded on the transparency with which we manage our contacts, on the fairness with which we calculate our quotation and on the quality of our product.


Throughout our history we have cast a range of metals: aluminium, bronze, cast iron, brass and lead. We have made the most bizarrely-shaped casting and have always attempted to find solutions wherever possible with the tools we have to hand.

the quality of tradition, the technologies of the future

Sand casting

Sand casting is the principal production method at the Roldo foundry, which was founded in 1961 specifically as a sand-casting works.

This type of process, which is the most suitable method for the production of really big castings has the added advantage of being commercially competitive because it is also possible to perform a lower number of pouring without the necessity for big orders to be able to take on jobs.

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Shell casting

Further to sand casting, Roldo also performs shell (or gravity) casting.

With this method it is possible to achieve high precision casting and a high volume of production in a short time. Shell casting is also called gravity casting because it is simply under the influence of gravity that the metal flows from the crucible into the casting basin.

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The Roldo foundry has its own in-house finishing department which deals with all the various post-cooling phases.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can deliver the castings in either finished or unfinished form.

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Processed metals

Most of our castings are made from aluminium alloys, in particular AlSi10Mg, which has great thermal and casting properties, a light weight and mechanical properties which make it easy to rework.

Further to aluminium we also produce brass and bronze castings for both industrial and artistic applications.

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Main sector

The Roldo Foundry operates on behalf of third parties producing pieces for very different realities: large groups, small companies and even private.

Thanks to our availability and thanks to the professionalism acquired day after day, casting after casting, we had the opportunity to collaborate with companies from different sectors, from the naval to the agricultural.

Today, the main destinations of our products are the sectors:

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We cast everything but Persian carpets.

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“Roldo is a foundry where thanks to the availability of its operators it is possible to combine tradition and experimentation.”

Gianpietro Carlesso, Artist

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