Our history

The Roldo foundry started out as a family firm in 1961. This was during Italy’s economic boom when anyone with skill and ambition could set themselves up in business. Luigi Roldo, who at the time was working as a labourer in a long established foundry in Gorizia, did just this.
When the foundry where he worked decided to stop producing aluminium, Luigi and his brother-in-law Riccardo decided to go into it, and that’s how the business – which right up to the present day is run by the third generation of the Roldo family – began. They started out in rented factory buildings, but as the foundry went from strength to strength, they decided to build their own production premises in 1976 which were further extended in 1985. Apart from the structural aspect, other changes took place within the company itself. It went from being a small scale artisanal enterprise to a better equipped entity with more modern machinery able to cast aluminium, brass and cast iron. As time passed the foundry added to sand casting also shell casting, a method which uses permanent moulds and which allows the production in series of larger numbers of castings with a more refined finish.

In addition to casting, the foundry began to carry out its own finishing work, where the rough castings are freed of excess metal (flashing, risers and runners) being subjected to sanding and, finally, also shotblasting.
If requested, the Roldo foundry can also contract out machining work to trusted partners for customers who required highly finished work.
By virtue of its wealth of experience, Roldo has taken on the role as contract supplier for various sectors, ranging not only from shipbuilding to industrial, but also agricultural machinery and artistic commissions. Conscious of the constant innovation which is a characteristic of this sector, the foundry aims to conserve its current production methods while at the same time seeking further growth and modernization in order to take its own tradition forward intact into the future.

The company today


We work alongside our customers with a proactive approach, supplying quality sand or shell castings in tight timeframes to various sectors. Our castings are created with the craftsmanship which has evolved as a result of our experience and the care which derives from our passion.


We aspire to become a reference point in contract supply, working side by side with our customers from the design stage to quality control, further diversifying the kinds of work we carry out.


  • Readiness: we work closely alongside our customers from every aspect, but above all we do this in such a way that their needs find a speedy and effective solution through us. We can make adjustments on short notice, produce small batches, and work under tight deadlines.
  • Honesty: we believe that it is more important to win a customer than a win a sale. Hence, we keep transparent relations with our partners, we offer fair quotations and deliver good-quality products.
  • Versatility: the company motto « we can cast anything apart from Persian carpets » conveys the idea that we will do anything to find a way to satisfy even the most unusual requests. Throughout our history we have cast a range of metals: aluminium, bronze, cast iron, brass and lead. We have made the most bizarrely-shaped castings and have always attempted to find solutions wherever possible with the tools we have to hand.

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