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The Roldo foundry is located in the heart of the industrial area of Gorizia, just 2km from the motorway exit of the A34, 2km from the Slovenian border, 22km from the port of Monfalcone, 44km from the Port of Trieste, 128km from the International Airport of Venice and 148km from the Austrian border.

Translated in time, in less than 5 minutes you arrive in Slovenia, in less than an hour in the capital of the region, Trieste, whose port is becoming a nerve center for European traffic and the Silk Road, in an hour and a half you can reach Venice and in less than two hours the nearby Austria.

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The advantage of our location
Apart from the obvious logistical advantages deriving from our position close to the main European commercial routes, we’re also sited close by to our partner companies to whom we contract out extra work.
Once an order comes in, we make sure that the customer is taken care of in every way so that they receive a finished product, ready to be used in its future destination.

Since we are used to work with clients outside our regional territory, we have for years been looking after the delivery side of the business, seeking at every opportunity to get the goods to the customer as quickly as possible.

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