Over the years we have specialized in contract supply to companies who manufacture fireproof and blast-proof products which conform to the main European (ATEX) and international (IECEX) regulatory standards.

We cast various items in aluminium alloy, such as housings of different weights and sizes for electrical systems, switchboards, control panels, radiators, connectors etc which successively go on to be re-machined and then fitted with their respective electrical components.


Metals melting is one of the oldest known processes and in particular casting is a metal forming process which dates right back to 4,000 B.C.. One of its main purposes in the past was making artistic work; just think of the Bronze of Riace whose image is still iconic today.

Faithful to this tradition, we have casted works for contemporary artists such as Gianpietro Carlesso, whose sculptures have gained worldwide attention. In addition to sculptures for individual artists, we have casted the famous masks of the fountain in Viale XX Settembre in Trieste, which is one of the jobs we are most proud of.


Over the years we have worked to supply businesses from a wide range of sectors, in particular companies who produce industrial machinery for whom we have cast various components like brackets, pulleys, cowlings, turbines, hubs and belt wheels.

Our versatility allows us to make castings in various unusual shapes and sizes in a variety of metals.

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